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From Brian Havard <>
Subject Re: Trunk MPM API changes and the OS/2 and NetWare MPMs
Date Sun, 18 Oct 2009 20:50:12 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:
> APIs were changed to avoid hard-wiring the MPM into the base server
> compilation (replacing stuff like MPM_NAME, MPM_CHILD_PID(), mpm.h,
> etc. with callable equivalents).
> I didn't make these changes to these two MPMs previously because:
> * OS/2 MPM was not in trunk at the time
> * the NetWare maintainer was ambivalent about keeping the NetWare MPM
> in trunk when I was itching to do this work
> I am happy to
> * start committing the necessary changes (unbuilt and untested)
> * provide some notes on what needs to be done
> * continue to ignore
> as desired by the maintainers.  Just let me know ;)

I've spent some time getting my own working copy of trunk to build and
run using the OS/2 MPM so I've probably done most of what you're talking
about but I'd certainly be interested in your notes on what should be
done as I've almost certainly missed some things.

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