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From Michael Felt <>
Subject Re: Making a binary distribution package... for AIX
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 20:37:24 GMT
Eric Covener wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Michael Felt <> wrote:
>> Well, it seems it is all relatively simple - as most solutions tend to be.
>> re: AddHandler message: the statement needed to be moved to within
>> <IfModule mime_module>
>> ....
>> </IfModule>
>> Probably, my builds were working fine. I am running into other warnings, and
>> I am wondering if there is a specific, recommended, or preferred order of
>> LoadModule statements so that the built-in part of apache can be limited to
>> the four (4) modules I kept seeing from the httpd -l output.
>> My feeling now is the main file I will need to update for a distribution is
>> httpd.conf and/or the conf/extra directory. Any advice in this line of
>> thought is appreciated.
> Your covering up a build failure with this. mod_mime should definitely
> be available.
my bad - my AddHandler statement was outside the IFModule block (at line 
69, near the LoadModules, and it worked for years because mod_mime was 
built-in) - so the problem I was having was primarily a user error.

What might be a build issue is all the missing LoadModule mod_auth* 
statements in a default httpd.conf, but I would not know about that. I 
just see that with a build with only

Compiled in modules:

I get errors about Order, Deny, etc.. httpd 2.0 would be mod_access, but now there are several
mod_auth* mods. Which is why I was asking if there is a prefered, or required order for LoadModules.

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