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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: [mod_fcgid] how about spin lock on share memory
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 19:03:43 GMT
Chris Darroch wrote:

>    Because this runs on Linux and we're just using the APR defaults,
> the process locks are SysV semaphores.  Maybe sometime in the far
> future, once glibc 2.10 appears on our systems, we might try
> APR_LOCK_PROC_PTHREAD and see if we can't get the shiny new
> pthread_mutexattr_setrobust() support into APR.  (As a side note,
> anyone know if this has come up yet in the APR world, maybe for
> a recent Fedora or something?  I'm not sure what distros might have
> glibc 2.10 in them at all.)

   Ah ... I see that pthread_mutexattr_setrobust_np() and friends
are actually in glibc as of about 2.5 or so; I went looking for
the POSIX 2008 names and managed to confuse myself.  And for that
matter, I still can't tell if glibc 2.10 does support the new names
(without the _np) or not.  Oh well.


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