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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: mod_fcgid POST broken if FcgiAuthorizer is run
Date Sat, 10 Oct 2009 03:05:15 GMT
Jeff Trawick wrote:

> Chris Darroch has a patch for that, which is a small part of
> which applies to the old mod_fcgid 2.2 but which he has submitted here
> for inclusion.  If you get stuck, look in there at some of the checks
> for role == responder, one or more of which are for the
> responder+authorizer-on-same-request issue.

   Yes -- and I'm really, really going to prioritize breaking this
patchset up (I know I'm a moron for having run everything together)
next week and trying to commit portions one at a time to mod_fcgid trunk.

   I know, because we do it in production, that I have a single script
running as both authorizer and responder, and it does work OK ... I just
have to go back in line by line and figure out what each change was for.

   Please do hassle me next week if I don't show some signs of progress
on this front.


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