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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: [mod_fcgid] FcgidWrapper parsing
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2009 21:34:14 GMT
On 09.10.2009 20:55, Jeff Trawick wrote:
> Related to clarifying the executable part of the wrapper command-line
> (823657): Handling wrapper executables with embedded blanks,
> especially to confront the FcgiWrapper "C:/PROGRA~1/PHP/php-cgi.exe"
> .php meme.  (Dig the quotes; you might anticipate you could spell out
> the proper path in there, but quotes are for cmd+args, the first
> blank-delimited
> token of which must be the executable file.)
> The fact that a patch to handle that started growing more than I
> expected makes me ask: Is it worth the trouble supporting something
> like
> FcgidWrapper "'C:/Program Files/PHP/php-cgi.exe' -c /some/odd/ini/file" .php
> Can I do something like that when defining a piped logger? (executable
> with blanks + arguments)  I tried but was unable, either because of a
> Unix shell-ism or a Jeff-ism.

Tataaaa: there comes httpd 2.2.12+

The usual piped logger syntax uses an intermediate shell with "-c" to
actually start the logger. Bill added an alternative "||" syntax in
2.2.12 (see CHANGES) which spawns without the shell.

Using the Syntax

"||/my/path/with\ spaces/rotatelogs /my/log/path/access_log 86400"

I'm able to use rotatelogs with white space in the installation path.
Backslash as an escaped worked in the log file name to.

Using Solaris and compiling with xpg4 shell for spawning which should
not be relevant here, since "||" shouldn't use the shell.



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