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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject small docu enhancement
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 04:14:30 GMT
every now and then I get asked about why Apache doesnt start, and it
always turns out that folks try to load 2.0.x modules into 2.2.x, or
even 1.3.x modules into 2.0.x ...
therefore I posted already about 4 years this on my site:
so that I only need to point to this ...
just today got another discussion about this, and I believe its not
enough to just tell the user 'Apache 2.2.x is incompatible with Apache
2.0.x', but instead we should explain a bit more like I did with my
post, and even that is often not sufficient to convince the average user
- well it convinces certainly that its wasted time to try further, but
it does not convince why we do the MMN check at all.
Probably someone has a good suggestion how to formulate this so that a
*user* can understand?
And even more important can we perhaps post this then on the httpd main


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