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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: SvnPubSub websites -- need more volunteers]
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 01:10:58 GMT
Hi Graham,
Graham Leggett schrieb:
> I would feel a lot better if this process was documented somewhere, so I
> didn't have to sit and guess what stupid thing I had missed, and not
> knowing what I'd missed, not be in a position to fix it.
dont worry - many of us have fallen into such traps ...
/me too years ago when I posted my first mod_jk binary release - nobody
told me about 664, and only when we did next release and someone else of
the project wanted to remove the old bins they told that I missed this
piece; though the bins sync'd fine, so that was certainly not the issue;
also recently when I released the first NetWare binary here I found that
Brad had the binaries 644 (and they were sync'd fine), and I was going
to ask him to change perms, but then I thought 'lets try a rm -f', and
suprisingly I could remove them!
So I dont think its really needed to document this, at least it wasnt in
the past until this .14 release that the permission would have any
effect - and as I posted to Bill in other post I *had* the NetWare bins
664 from first minute when I moved them to dist, and they showed not up
until few hours ago - certainly someone else from infra pushed the right
button and fixed sync ...
and btw. as I posted on mebers my cron job at p.a.o also stopped working
some weeks ago, and magically started working again two days ago (after
I posted); maybe mine was not the only cron job which stopped :)

> Or alternatively, a quick message to say "we're up to our eyeballs in
> ddos, please hold we'll back get to you".
that's also something which I dont find polite - if we have an issue,
and post to infra then I think we should go quickly a reply back - I
cant believe that they are too busy to just press the reply button and
write few words like:
message received - we will work on it asap, and report back when it works.
I believe the time for such a one-sentence-reply must be available, and
even an auto-responder would be better than just nothing, giving one the
feeling of getting ignored.


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