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From "Philip A. Prindeville" <>
Subject QoS marking by default on sockets
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 21:04:57 GMT

I haven't contributed to Apache in about 10 years, so it's been a while
since I've stared at the source.

I did, however, recently pull down the 2.2.13 tarball and did:

[philipp@builder ~/httpd-2.2.13]$ find . -type f -print | xargs grep IP_TOS
[philipp@builder ~/httpd-2.2.13]$

Hmmm.  Any reason that HTTP traffic wouldn't be QoS marked so that it
can be handled properly?

(Assuming that we have or will have net-neutrality... ;-) )

I just don't want software updates (which aren't time critical but *do*
suck down huge amounts of bandwidth) degrading my VoIP service...

Seems reasonable, right?

Of course, we could mark all open sockets as AF11 (for instance)... but
then if you have a cgi plugin generating video, it would have to
re-setsockopt() the socket to remark the traffic appropriately...  Is
that overly burdensome?  Or reasonable?



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