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From Eldar Gaynetdinov <>
Subject Controlling hook calling order in Apache 2.x
Date Sat, 03 Oct 2009 18:24:32 GMT

Dev manual on says:

"All modules using any particular value may be run in any order relative to each other, but,
of course, all modules using APR_HOOK_FIRST will be run before APR_HOOK_MIDDLE  which are
before APR_HOOK_LAST. Modules that don't care when they are run should use APR_HOOK_MIDDLE.
(I spaced these out so people could do stuff like APR_HOOK_FIRST-2  to get in slightly earlier,
but is this wise? - Ben)

Note that there are two more values, APR_HOOK_REALLY_FIRST and APR_HOOK_REALLY_LAST."

If other modules has a hook with APR_HOOK_REALLY_FIRST (e.g. ap_hook_post_config in mod_cgi.c)
how can I write hook which will called actually first?

Thank in advance.



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