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From "Brian J. France" <>
Subject DAV Provider Patch
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 13:30:56 GMT
Next up is the dav providers patch.  Currently there is no way for dav  
modules to get access to the filename or the the request_rec.  A dav  
module would need to check the filename to see if needs to enable acls  
or other options.  A dav module would also need the request_rec for  
checking options via the r->per_dir_config (like mod_dav_acl needs to  
know what the principle path and location are set to).  This can be  
done one of two ways.

This patch adds two hooks functions to the dav_hooks_repository  
struct, get_request_rec and get_pathname:

it also patches mod_dav_fs to support these two functions.  The other  
option would be to only add the get_request_rec to the struct like this:

and have a module just use r->filename to get the filename instead of  
adding another function.

I believe this is the first patch that will break binary compatibility  
because it adds a function pointer to the middle of the struct.  I  
believe binary compatibility could be retained if we add the function  
pointers to the end of the struct instead of in the middle.  Moving  
the function could be part of the back porting patch to 2.2, but leave  
it as is in 2.3+.

Both of these patches also fix an issue where the definition of  
dav_hooks_repository_fs in modules/dav/fs/repos.c doesn't have a NULL  
value for the ctx (broken in HEAD and 2.2.x) at the end of the struct.

The patches are based on Jari's httpd-2.2.8-ju.patch patch.

Comments, questions, problems?


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