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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject checksum madness - got it
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2009 23:02:07 GMT
Roy T. Fielding schrieb:
> If you don't like the file format, write a friggin perl script
> to read whatever is there and feed it to your *personal* tool
> of choice.  Personally, I use 'cat'.
> ....Roy
yeaaahh, I got it now: nobody cares about different formats, and we dont
want to commonly agree for the most usable format, and things stay as
they are ....
Roy, your comment was the best because it brought me on the right
track: make your own thing and dont care!
So I took your advice and hacked a Perl script, and thats now for me
better than any other tool because it automatically detects all crazy
formats I currently know of :) - and hey! its even acceptable in speed!
Also it needs no external tools because Perl comes with wonderful
modules, so it should run on every platform which supports Perl.
Nevertheless the discussion was worth for me so far that I now know what
strange formats I might come over, and what tools are available on which
platform. Finally I've written together the results so that I can
later self read again when I've forgotten (you know Alsheimer). In case
someone is interested in that, or in the script (I post mainly for the
few users who might hang out here - I know devs prefer to hack their own
shell scripts, and dont call tools without at least one pipe :) :) ),
then go here:
for further discussions about the script please register to my forum and
post there - I dont want to spam the list here.

have fun!


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