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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: [mod_fcgid] Cleaning up configuration directive names
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 16:51:50 GMT
Rainer Jung wrote:

> The names of the configuration directives of mod_fcgid are somehow
> inconsistent. At least it's abit hard to remmber, that some directives
> use a prefix FCGI, others use FastCgi (and most do not have a prefix for
> a namespace).
> I'm not sure, how important we take configuration compatibility with the
> pre-existing mod_fcgid (non-ASF) but I think we should at least cleanup
> th einconsistent use of FCGI vs. FastCgi.
> Comments?

   A year or two ago I worked up this patch against what was then
the CVS HEAD of mod_fcgid, because I found the variation of directive
names too confusing when trying to figure out what to tune in a
running config:

   I'm sure there's lot to further adjust here, not to mention
the fact that the patch doubtless won't apply cleanly anymore.
I also have come to prefer FCGI as the prefix, to distinguish the
module from mod_fastcgi.

   However, I'd throw it in as a set of initial suggestions for
the renamed directives, at least.  I recall making an effort to
align the names to other httpd directives, as well as to each
other, so that closely related directives grouped together by
name.  I also worked over the brief descriptions of what each
directive does to try to make them more clear.

   So (using the FCGI prefix) we have various parallels to httpd
directives, such as FCGIMaxRequestsPerServer, FCGILimitRequestBody,
FCGITimeout, etc.

   Directives relating to the maximum and high-water-mark numbers
of FastCGI processes are treated akin to similar directives for
mod_dbd: FCGIMaxServersPerScript, FCGIKeepServersPerScript.

   Then there are lots of parallels within related sets of
directives: FCGIIdleTimeout, FCGIIdleScanInterval, FCGIBusyTimeout,
FCGIBusyScanInterval, FCGIErrorScanInterval, FCGIExitScanInterval,

   I remember one hard part was trying to deal with the directive
names relating to the "spawn" and "terminate" scores.  I don't
think what I came up with (FCGIServerExitValue, etc.) are very good,
on reflection.  It's very possible that "spawn score" is in fact
perfectly adaquate as a description.

   Anyway, once some travel is done with this week, I hope to
get cracking on gradually refactoring these old patches of mine.
In the meantime, if others want to grab what they like and
dump the rest, please do so.



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