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From Dan Poirier <>
Subject Re: Should server start if module cannot behave as configured?
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2009 18:39:33 GMT
On 09/09/2009 10:57 AM, Jeff Trawick wrote:
>     2) If it should be changed, what's the best way to do it?  The
>     change could break configurations that currently appear to "work",
>     although they're not really doing what the admin configured them to do.
> how many affected configurations are we talking about?
> * did anything that needed shared memory really work before your recent
> fixes?


> * are either of these unsupported features the default?


> * what platforms have no APR support for shared memory?

That I don't know.

But it seems like I probably don't need to worry too much about breaking 
configurations.  The number of users who have turned on these 
unsupported features even though they don't work is probably pretty small.


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