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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: vote on concept of ServerTokens Off
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2009 12:34:37 GMT
Lars Eilebrecht wrote:
> My apologies for not responding earlier, but I was busy moving from
> Munich to London last week ...

Understandable, congratulations on what I hope was a successful move,
thanks for responding today.

> As far as I remember, Mads Toftum also voted with a -1.

Yes; although Mads is neither a committer nor PMC member, there have been
several other votes from the peanut gallery for and against, some tepid
and some strong opinions.  I was trying to distill the list to binding
votes to reach a conclusion.

> My -1 hasn't changed as I still feel very strongly about this for reasons
> already discussed back in 2006 (and once in 2004 or 2005 when the
> same discussion came up).

Thank you for clarifying.

> Given two -1s and many people voting -0 I'm wondering why we are still
> discussing this topic?

Ask Jim?

Only one binding -1, yours still, and a majority (as you saw in the summary)
voting +1 for the patch.  Many of those individuals are active in triaging
issues.a.o, users@ etc, and I see their rational.  In fact, it refined my
objection to be nominally +0.5 for the 'Off' behavior, while strongly -1.0
for any 'Set' behavior that represents Apache httpd as anything other than
Apache httpd, which was also modified a couple weeks ago.

> P.S.: I'm not sure what you mean with "hasn't responded in 21 months"?
> I voted in 2006 on this topic and then you picked up this thread
> last week?

There were a few more days of activity you ignored back then, including
posts to you from Jeff and Jim.  Thanks for straighting us out :)

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