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From "tim robertson" <>
Subject Apache http server development idea
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 05:34:40 GMT
Apache server should have a feature where the admin can set the maximum
incoming/outgoing bandwidth(http/https/ftp, etc) that the Apache web
server can use per month(30 days). The admin can choose what will happen
when Apache reaches the monthly bandwidth limit, like to display a
"bandwidth exceeded" page OR an option to automatically shutdown the
CentOS/Ubuntu/etc server. The date/time can be retrieved from the
CentOS/Ubuntu/etc clock, so the admin can choose what date/time the month
starts at. There should be an option to keep the monthly bandwidth logs
on the server.

So for example, if a person chooses a 10000GB(10TB) monthly bandwidth
limit, Apache will either display a 'bandwidth exceeded' html page OR
shutdown the server(whatever the admin chooses) when the bandwidth limit
is reached.

There are currently no Apache modules that do this. Alot of web hosts
have monthly bandwidth limits and charge for excess bandwidth, so
by Apache having a monthly bandwidth limit feature, it will mean users
won't have to worry about going over their monthly bandwidth limit. The
bandwidth limit monitoring should be done in real-time without a delay.

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