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From "Lionel VICTOR (free)" <>
Subject BugFix for Bug 29744 against trunk...
Date Sun, 02 Aug 2009 13:28:52 GMT
Dear developpers, 

Please find attached a svn diff made against revision 800059 of

This diff fixes the Bug 29744 on the Bugzilla (

The fix attempts to solve a problem with mod_proxy_connect not using the layered output model
as it should, thus breaking the connection when used over SSL for instance...
Additionnally, other users commented on the bugzilla 'forum' that the patch also fixes (please
see bugzilla Comment #84 From  evanc at nortel dot com):
- reporting issues when mod_proxy_connect was used with mod_logio
- other reporting problems mod_proxy_connect was used with mod_log_config

AFAIK no body reported failures after applying this patch.

I am pushing this patch here in the hope that someone from the official dev team can push
it on next releases of apache httpd.

The bugzilla page for this bug is turning to a forum where people mostly complain about the
patch not being integrated...
Though I'm not the patch maker, I hope that my attempt will help either closing the bug or
returning a clear status on bugzilla that explains why the patch isn't accepted in the main

Hope it helps

cheers and thanx for your time !

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