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From "t.n.a." <>
Subject Re: Analysis of the Apache web server code repository
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 06:02:33 GMT
Hi Jeff, thanks for taking the time to take a look!

Jeff Trawick wrote:
> It is fun to be in the "movies;" maybe I'll make my kids sit through
> it later ;)  (And I'm curious which company you found when you
> looked up "trawick".)

First link on google:, "Mastering enterprise IT challenges with

> But please note that ASF ids aren't shared.  It is important for the
> integrity of the code that we know who is making contributions.  You
> should remove the overlaid text that suggests that any ASF work is
> being done by a commercial entity using shared ids. Sorry about that, the corrected video is now available on-line.
When I saw the time profile of the changes and also saw a web site of
a company called "Trawick" mentioning things like "cost-effective IT
solutions", I guess I saw what I wanted to see.

Just so you know, I substituted:

"Looked it up.
It seems it is a company. :)"

"Looked it up.
I was _sure_ it is a company...but was corrected by the Apache devs
when they saw the video - it's a person. Careful how you interpret the
data! :)"

> (All I can say about when I commit historically is that I like to
> sleep at least from midnight to six a.m. US Eastern Time, at least
> when I'm at home ;)  I don't think the same is true of many other
> people ("wrowe").)


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