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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Apache HTTP Server development
Date Mon, 24 Aug 2009 16:21:45 GMT
tim robertson wrote:

> Apache HTTP Server should be Event-driven by default, instead of using
> Processes/Threads. Alot of other http web servers are outperforming
> Apache because they use Events because this reduces cpu and memory
> usage.

Have you tried out the event MPM?

Don't forget, for any site that involves more complex processing than
just bit-shifting, reliability becomes the number 1 concern, not
performance, and that is where prefork remains very strong.

One prefork process dying only effects one single request. One event
driven process dying in an event driven environment kills all requests
handled by that process, which can be a problem far worse than performance.

> Events will help Apache server handle lots of concurrent
> connections because currently Apache cannot handle 10,000 concurrent
> connections on a low end single core server without Apache crashing or
> running very slow.

Are you sure you tuned Apache properly for this?

In the last ten years, both threads and processes have become cheap and
efficient, largely mitigating the C10k problem. If you've run a default
httpd installation with the kitchen sink turned on, don't be surprised
if the machine hits a wall quite early.

Turn off all modules, and then only turn on the ones you need, the
memory foorprint will be significantly smaller.


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