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From Peter Sylvester <>
Subject backport and enhancement of patch 724717
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 10:45:32 GMT

The patch for 724717 moves some logic from ssl_engine_kernel into
ssl__engine_vars and simplifies the code (and enhances it btw).
Can this code be backported to the 2.2.x version

The enhancement is to add the "_n" suffix for multiple occurences
of attributs which seems good. in addition it concentrates logic
at one place ...

... almost. Wouldn't it be better to move the for loop in the
following snippet of ssl_engine_kernel (and the ssl_hoolFixup_vars
table also inside the the routine above (changing maybe its name).

Thanks in advance for comments.
Peter Sylvester

  /* standard SSL environment variables */
   if (dc->nOptions & SSL_OPT_STDENVVARS) {
       modssl_var_extract_dns(env, sslconn->ssl, r->pool);

       for (i = 0; ssl_hook_Fixup_vars[i]; i++) {
           var = (char *)ssl_hook_Fixup_vars[i];
           val = ssl_var_lookup(r->pool, r->server, r->connection, r, var);
           if (!strIsEmpty(val)) {
               apr_table_setn(env, var, val);

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