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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Re: Main httpd web site page: update needed for 2.2.13
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 17:22:56 GMT
Am 10.08.2009 17:16, schrieb Guenter Knauf:
> Hi,
> Rainer Jung schrieb:
>> I noticed there was still a 2.2.12 in a section heading of the httpd
>> landing page. I updated in svn:
>> Could someone with karma on please update
>>     /x1/www/
>> from svn?
>> Unfortunately Bill has group ownership for the erroneous file (and two
>> other files), so I will post to infra about changing to the httpd group.
> since these sorts of oversights happened already often in the past I
> thought I suggest that we use a nice feature of our Apache server = SSI
> for this page. I've tested that this works fine:
> and here's the source view:
> so for future releases its only necessary to change the version number
> in one place:
> <!--#set var="HTTPD_VERSION_13" value="1.3.41"-->
> <!--#set var="HTTPD_VERSION_20" value="2.0.63"-->
> <!--#set var="HTTPD_VERSION_22" value="2.2.13"-->
> thoughts?


It would also apply to the download page, and the vars could even be put 
in a small separate file included with #include, so being shared by 
index and download.

Some files in the dev/ sub directory already use SSI, so it is active on 



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