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From Alex Stapleton <>
Subject Re: mod_ssl and Transfer-Encoding: chunked wastes ~58 bytes per chunk.
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2009 08:06:38 GMT
2009/8/20 Roy T. Fielding <>:
> On Aug 20, 2009, at 2:01 AM, Alex Stapleton wrote:
>> 2009/8/19 Roy T. Fielding <>:
>>> On Aug 19, 2009, at 9:53 AM, Alex Stapleton wrote:
>>>> (This has been cross posted to users@. I apologise if this mail isn't
>>>> relevant to the dev list.)
>>>> First some background. We use Apache HTTPD 2.0 over a high-latency,
>>>> high packet loss GPRS WAN. The cost per byte is tangible. We use SSL.
>>>> We also use Transfer-Encoding: chunked sometimes. This is a machine
>>>> monitoring application. We are using iframe streaming to push real
>>>> time data to operators browsers.
>>>> I have noticed after much faffing around with wireshark that httpd
>>>> will transmit 3 Application Data fragments for each chunk in a chunked
>>>> HTTP stream. The fragments are the HTTP chunk size, the chunk data,
>>>> and then a CRLF. All fragments in an SSL session are rounded to the
>>>> length of the ciphers block size. This results in the 4+2 bytes for
>>>> the chunk frame ending up being 64 bytes of data over TCP. A waste of
>>>> 58 bytes per chunk in this case.
>>> That's odd -- we don't do this with non-SSL writes (last I checked).
>>> Perhaps we are relying on a TCP cork for the non-SSL case?
>>> What is your operating system and platform?
>> I initially discovered this issue on a fairly old Ubuntu 6 machine
>> running httpd 2.0.55-4ubuntu4.1. I have since recreated it on my OS X
>> 10.5 iMac using httpd 2.0.64 from MacPorts. I suppose I should also
>> point out that I am using PHP 5.2.9 to generate the chunked data. If
>> there's a way of doing chunked output using "plain" Apache let me know
>> and I can test that too if needed.
> Er, have you tested it with 2.2.x?  The likelihood of us making any
> non-security changes to the 2.0.x branch is extremely small.

I have tested with 2.2.11 from MacPorts on my iMac and it also
exhibits this behaviour. I'll try and do a 2.2.13 build to test with

> Apache does chunked output by default if no content-length is
> provided and the client says it is HTTP/1.1.
> ....Roy

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