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From Dan Poirier <>
Subject Re: mod_cache sends 200 code instead of 304
Date Sat, 25 Jul 2009 11:45:53 GMT
Nicholas Sherlock <> writes:

> If you make a conditional request for a cached document, but the
> document is expired in the cache, mod_cache currently passes on the
> conditional request to the backend. If the backend responds with a
> "304 Not Modified" response that indicates that the cached copy is
> still up to date, mod_cache serves the contents of the cache to the
> client with a 200 code.

This wouldn't surprise me.  There's currently a bug open for the
opposite case, returning a 304 to an unconditional request (45341).

I believe this violates a SHOULD in 14.25 of RFC 2616, which isn't as
strong as a MUST, but certainly would indicate it's worthwhile to try to
fix it.

I'd suggest opening a bug report
(, including all the details
from your original message, so this doesn't fall through the cracks
before someone gets to look at it in more depth.


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