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From Pranav Desai <>
Subject Using forward proxy to continue downloading a Range request using mod_disk_cache
Date Mon, 20 Jul 2009 20:27:46 GMT
Hello All,

I am testing with an Apache server 2.2.9 in forward proxy mode
(ProxyRequests On). Here is what I am trying to do:

* When a client issues a Range request, requesting say 0-x bytes, I
would satisfy that request up from the origin server, but would like
to continue downloading the response from the origin server and store
it in the cache. So that any future range request for the same object
would go from the cache.

* I am thinking of writing an output_filter (possibly another cache
provider for store_body) which will be added when such a request comes
in. Another module will strip out the Range headers and forward the
request to the origin server. On the response path, continue the
processing just like mod_disk_cache's store_body. When that range
request is satisfied it will create the EOS bucket in a brigade and
pass it along to the core_output_filter, which will then send it to
the client and do the essential close routines. The rest of data
coming from the origin server will be written to the disk by this
filter and nothing passed along to the output_filter chain.

Basically I am trying to close the connection on the client-side but
continue downloading from the server-side. Is this possible, or does
this break the filter chains. Are there any other methods by which I
can do this ?

Thank you for your time.

-- Pranav

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