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From PGNet Dev <>
Subject fatal, browser-specific "ssl_error_handshake_unexpected_alert" error. a mod_ssl bug?
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2009 16:10:04 GMT

i've installed


from openSUSE 11.1 repos,

i've installed Drupal 6.13 in a subdir, running under Apache w/mod_ssl, i.e. @

just about everything works fine / as expected, except ...

when attempting to make changes to a sinlge/specific Drupal theme
(fwiw, "Acquia Marina), i'm getting fatal errors:

	Secure Connection Failed
	An error occurred during a connection to
	SSL peer was not expecting a handshake message it received.
	(Error code: ssl_error_handshake_unexpected_alert)

the problem occurs, fatally, only in Firefox/OSX, _not_ in Safari/OSX.
 it's 100% reproducible on similarly configured servers, with fresh
installs of Apache & Drupal 6.13.

i've posted debug-level apache logs for the cases of:

	(A) Firefox ->
	(B) Safari  ->

possibly (?) relevant are:

  my original notice:
	"changes to acquia_marina theme config fail when site runs under SSL."

  a Suhosin dependence?:
	"Can't change theme configuration with some modules enabled"

  an apache bug that shares 'SSL renegotiation' and Firefox dependence:
	"ssl renegotiation hangs with long ca list"

  with a purported, mod_ssl-only "fix", committed in apache /trunk,


the problem sure _seems_ SSL-related, but as to the root cause, and
any possible fix ... ?  a bug in mod_ssl?  my SSL config? other?

happy to provide add'l info, once clear what's helpful.  any
insights/suggestions are appreciated.


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