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From ricardo figueiredo <>
Subject Help with worker.c
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 19:55:49 GMT

I'm trying understand worker.c module.
My doubt is about operation push() and pop().

Push() add a socket in array fd_queue_t->data and Pop() retrieve a socket
for processing.

But what's the order of PUSH() ?? It adds in final queue ??
And POP() ?? Retrieve a socket only before (elem =
&queue->data[--queue->nelts];) ??

Is it a FIFO or LIFO (Last in, First Out) ??

And I cannot increase the lenght of queue, I print the worker_queue->nelts
and doesn't exceed of value 1 and the CPU usage is low.
I developed a application in PHP with a loop until 10000.

I've already configured directives MPM Worker (StartServer, ThreadPerChild,
ServerLimit, etc...).

My idea is develop new algorithms or other array (fd_queue_t->data) to
prioritze requests in MPM Worker.

Thank You


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