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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject autoindex derectives
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2009 02:29:15 GMT
I was just trying to configure some autoindex stuff while I found this:
Description:	Description to display for a file
Description:	Icon to display for a file selected by name

since both directives do basically the same - that is assign an
attribute to a filename/extension I think both should also sound same,
so I think for AddDescription the text should also be:
Description:	Description to display for a file selected by name

then for both directives the file/name paramter is explained closely
identical as:
AddDescription Directive
File is a file extension, partial filename, wild-card expression or full
filename for files to describe.

AddIcon Directive
Name is either ^^DIRECTORY^^ for directories, ^^BLANKICON^^ for blank
lines (to format the list correctly), a file extension, a wildcard
expression, a partial filename or a complete filename.

So from this description I would expect that both directives would act
the same if I give a file extension as argument, f.e. for:

AddDescription "SHA checksum" .sha
AddIcon /icons/quill.gif .sha

I would either expect files *.sha*, or if it would be strict then only
*.sha to match; but it seems that:
AddDescription -> matches *.sha*
AddIcon -> matches *.sha

here's the resulting sample (htaccess.txt is a symlink to .htaccess):

shouldnt both direcives behave equal?


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