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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject decouple gen_test_char from APR
Date Sat, 18 Jul 2009 15:20:25 GMT
since the NetWare build is a cross-compile build on Win32 we always
first need to build the helper tools, then copy the NetWare tools
binaries over to a server, run there, and finally copy back the
generated files into the source tree. This is a really ugly method, and
every other cross-compile has the same problem: you cant build
gen_test_char for running natively on the build platform because
gen_test_char.c includes APR headers which are at this stage configured
for the host platform, and not the build platform. Now from what see
this is not really needed because all that plugs in from APR are some
macro defines.
Therefore I have hacked a bit around this, and added these macro defines
to gen_test_char.c:
with this I can build a gen_test_char.exe which runs native on Win32,
and the NetWare build process goes in one step. I have verified that the
result is 100% identical to what I get if I build and a run a
gen_test_char.nlm to generate test_char.h.
Personally I would however prefer to just remove the APR stuff completely:

I would like to hear some comments about which of these patches are more
acceptable: adding the ifdef'd macro definitions vs. removing APR stuff?

thanks, G√ľnter.

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