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From "Sivaramakrishna SM" <>
Subject Information about "svn commit: r570307 - in /httpd/httpd/branches/2.0.x:CHANGES STATUS server/log.c"
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 12:00:04 GMT
Hi  William Rowe,
After upgrading Apache from version 2.059 to 2.0.63, in Netware the Apache process doesn't
stop immediately but waits for some action like a key press from user.

But when looked into it, the issue started appearing from Apache version 2.0.61

So, i started testing this issue by removing the changes one by one that went into 2.0.61
and i'm suspecting that the changes made for the revision 570307 might be the cause of this


Similarly, i tested this issue by removing changes one by one that went into 2.0.63 and i'm
suspecting that the changes made for the revision 607255 (for the function log_child) might
also be the cause of this issue.

So, if we comment out the code in Apache version 2.0.63 which will create a pipe between the
newly created child process and child's stdin (server/log.c, function name - log_child), we
are not able to reproduce the problem:

/*  ** Commenting for Netware specific functionality   **
if ((rc = apr_file_open_stdout(&outfile, p)) == APR_SUCCESS) {
         rc = apr_procattr_child_out_set(procattr, outfile, NULL);
            if (dummy_stderr)
                 rc = apr_procattr_child_err_set(procattr, outfile, NULL);
            else if ((rc = apr_file_open_stderr(&errfile, p)) == APR_SUCCESS)
                 rc = apr_procattr_child_err_set(procattr, errfile, NULL);

I'm suspecting that some open file handles might be the reason for the improper shutdown (but
not sure). So, can you please provide me some more information about the changes and what
might be the affect of these changes.

Thanks and regards,
S.M Siva Rama Krishna

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