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From Jorge Schrauwen <>
Subject Re: FTP open questions
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2009 15:02:11 GMT
On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 2:28 AM, William A. Rowe,
Jr.<> wrote:
> Just finished the last showstopper.  I would be happy to advance this
> to release / general availability vote with the next release, if we can
> determine just a few oddball issue resolutions.  Jim and I have already
> gone ahead and moved many internal interfaces out of the private headers,
> which was my motivation for holding off a year ago.
> Should we advertise the commands we have not implemented, or remove them?
Yes, It's always useful to know for a more advance user.
> Should we alert the user to the ServerAdmin address in the HELP contents?
Maybe reuse ServerTokens for this?

Full/OS => serveradmin + unimplemented commands
Minimal => unimplemented commands
Minor => only list implemented commands
Major => only list allowed commands
Prod => no help?

That way the server admin still has a say in it?

Not sure the extra coding is worth it though.

> Right now HELP offers up;
> 214-The following commands are recognized (* =>'s unimplemented).
>    FEAT    TYPE    RMD     QUIT    RNTO    PORT   *MODE    APPE
>   *ALLO    STOR    PWD    *STOU   *REIN    AUTH    MDTM    SYST
>    XMKD   *SITE    XCWD    PASS    PASV    DELE   *ACCT    EPRT
>    SIZE    XRMD    NOOP    LIST    REST    PBSZ    XCUP    NLST
>   *SMNT    XPWD    ABOR    PROT    HELP    CDUP   *STRU    RNFR
>    MKD    *STAT    RETR    CWD     EPSV    USER
> 214 Direct comments to [no address given]
> Just for reference, three popular linux servers respond with no
> unimplemented features, one offers "Direct comments to" admin address,
> one offers the website address of it's project, and one just ends with
> the result "Help OK"
> The admin has little control over which commands are supported (although
> which commands are -allowed- is another matter entirely :)  So it just
> strikes me as odd to direct comments with respect to the HELP inquiry.

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