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From "Lionel VICTOR (free)" <>
Subject is it possible to push a patch for Bug 29744 against trunk ?
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2009 15:05:07 GMT
Dear developpers,

I'm trying to bring some attention on Bug 29744.

This bug is related to the fact that mod_proxy_connect does not work over SSL connection because
it write directly to the socket instead of the underlying layer (SSL in our case).

a patch has been provided on bugzilla...
...and it has been suggested quite some time ago (on bugzilla as well) that we (the patch
users) come here to have it included in the trunk.

This mail exchange is all I could dig out of the dev mailing list and I'm wondering where
did it lead ?

if nothing happened yet... I can try to provide this patch against trunk... but...
...Will someone be able to spend some time in including this patch if I post it here ?

Do you expect something special from us (me) before I post a patch here ?
- do I need to validate the patch against unit tests before I submit the patch here ?
- is there an anti-regression test campaign ???
- is there a test campaign at all ?

(well I will build it of course, and I will install it and roughly test it manually... but
nothing automagic will be done unless you tell me)
I'm actually hoping that you could help with these test campaigns because my hardware resources
are fairly limited...
... and because I'm running linux and linux only... so testing against windows is just impossible
for me... (or in vmware ???)

thanx for your time... hope someone will be able to help (or at least tell us what we can
do about this patch ? or give us hints about why it has never been included ? is it bogus
?... it's just a hundred lines in one single file "mod_proxy_connect.c"... it seems that the
BUG is "assigned", so... it is not dead is it ?)

thanx again... looking forward to read from you :o)

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