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From Natanael Mignon ->
Subject mod_ssl / ssl_engine_ocsp.c customizations
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2009 13:55:27 GMT
Dear list,

as I am new to this list, I don't know but hope questions regarding mod_ssl are welcome?

I am currently working on - dirty, please have mercy - customizations of mod_ssl and especially
OCSP-handling for a specific project (on basis of Apache 2.3 code). As I am neither a seasoned
C-coder nor familiar with OpenSSL libraries, I am having problems extracting the issuer name
from an X.509 cert into a usable string format.

What I need to do:

·         Write my own "static const char *extract_responder_uri()"

·         Don't read responder uri from certificate, but from a file

·         (Responder uri is connected with the issuer of the certificate in some other place
- extracted and saved to file by other means...)

·         File's name is equal to the issuer's DN - to my mind the most direct way to look
it up

·         So, I have to get the issuer name from the cert and build a filename to fopen().
That's the point where I am stuck because of type problems (how to get a char* or some string
from an X509_NAME?)...

If this inquiry is off-topic, please give me a hint to where I could ask for help, or drop
me a line, if more detail is required.

Any help is highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
 Natanael Mignon

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