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From "Akins, Brian" <>
Subject Re: Some ramblings on httpd config
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 14:17:00 GMT
On 6/10/09 8:52 AM, "Rich Bowen" <> wrote:

> Or something like that that's sufficiently like what we have now to be easy to
> learn, but sufficiently different to be harder to get wrong, and a whole heck
> of a lot easier to do dynamic vhosts.

I think Lua (or whatever) could include enough "user friendly glue" to make
something like that possible.

> If we had a standard set of variables (like, say, HOSTNAME or whatever) that
> could be interpolated into config directives, as well as a standard way to do
> variable assignment and backreferences, that would solve a whole class of
> problems that are really pretty difficult right now.

That sounds a whole lot like using the config as a runtime.  Hmmm, where
have I heard that before ;)

Brian Akins
Chief Operations Engineer
Turner Digital Media Technologies

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