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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] release httpd mod_ftp-0.9.3 beta?
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 14:13:26 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. schrieb:
>> reverted.
> Thanks; something aught to be said under a Netware heading of README-FTP,
> if you can whip up a paragraph or two?
hmmm, honestly spoken I dont know how to so.
The problem is that its not possible to do an easy in-tree build since
that would require a lot of changes, and should be only done by someone
whoe's really familar with the current NetWare build system. I could now
continue to explain why this is as it is, and what's wrong with the
build system, but in order to make it better I would finally end up with
rewriting it completely. When I talked to Brad about this years ago we
both came to the conclusion that we should focus on making configure
working to do a cross compile, but as I have just mentioned with APR
even MingW32 which has far more complete and for other projects fully
working cross compiler it still doesnt work, and since I am far away
from being an configure expert I see no way to fix these things without
someone's help; so we have to stay with the NetWare build system as is
for now.
Also there's zero benefit in trying to do so - the simplest way would be
to compile it out-tree as spearate module, and the final results are
that it previously with NWGNUmakefile nicely integrated and added all
files to the main dist direcory where they should go.
I have a batch file in the root of httpd-2.x.y which sets all needed env
vars to SDKs, APR, APU and httpd root and finally calls 'make -f
NWGNUmakefile' which then builds httpd + apr + apu.
If I sit in the root dir of mod_ftp and provided that NWGNUftp-makefile
is renamed to NWGNUmakefile then I only need to call this same batch
file with full path, and mod_ftp builds nicely, and same batch with
'install' parameter does copy over everything like fixed conf, docs,
module to the main httpd dist dir to the right folders.
That's the simplest way it can go, and 100% same as compiling httpd self
which is anyway the first required step in order to get the other
processed files like apr|apu.h etc.


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