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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] release httpd mod_ftp-0.9.3 beta?
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2009 22:09:41 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>   [X] -1 for any release of 0.9.3 (regressed from 0.9.2?)

It's not a regression, but I'm trying to correct the fact that normal
disconnects, al la

  >>> QUIT
  <<< 221 Goodbye.

result in half closed sockets.  The data connections both passive and
active are correctly closed, and lie in TIME_WAIT for a bit, but these
control connections are sitting at;

tcp  1  0 ::1:21    ::1:46180  CLOSE_WAIT
tcp  0  0 ::1:46180 ::1:21     FIN_WAIT2

not looking good.  But reviewing the code, I don't see the flaw, so
I'll end up spending tracing time on this to work out why we hadn't
correctly invoked apr_lingering_close.  Bother.

With this fixed; and hopefully a resolution to the issue I had raised
with Guenter r.e. file overwriting, and the issue I raised about the
oddness with FNM_PERIOD matching, I really think we are ready for the
"this looks like 1.0.0" release.


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