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From Jorge Schrauwen <>
Subject Re: Some ramblings on httpd config
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 22:09:38 GMT
On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 10:55 PM, Niklas Edmundsson <> wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Jun 2009, Jorge Schrauwen wrote:
>> I know I'm playing with fire now but...
>> XML based config could solve a few of the problems, XML can also be
>> validated.
>> I have to admit lua would be more flexible but I think most server
>> admins have atleast come into contact with XML... while not
>> necessarily the case with lua.
> Fire indeed.
> I've never seen lua except for Brians examples just now, and lua seems
> usable. XML is just as horrible as our current config scheme and wouldn't
> add much IMHO.

well I have to admit XML == fixing a few problems and probably adding lots more.

The example Bertrand Mansion posted does look acceptable to me and
like Rich I could probably live with it quite easly. But also looking
at some other examples I do fear for the madness that will ensure in
users@ and irc.

> I could add more fire to this, just to stir things up a bit:
> Those who can't grasp lua probably couldn't grasp our current config scheme
> either. I reckon those would be better served with a shiny web-based
> pointy-clicky config interface, and those people probably couldn't bother
> less what was happening under the covers...

True, I haven't looked much a lua before and it does seems acceptable.
I never thought of current method of being difficult to understand.
Then again I am a programmer and been using apache since it's early
1.3 days so most of my troubles in the past are probably covered under
a think layer of dust.

But I don't see how good documentation and some very well thought out
examples could not fix this for lua.

But also try to remember a lot of users@ and IRC PITA's are because
different distro (*cough*debian) ship horribly modified configs to
make it easier for the users.

I fear that if we make a bad choose now, we will see more of these
horrors in the near future.

That being said that me talking and the "user who wants a simple web
server"/"crazy person who tries to help people do that", the server
admin/developer in me screams yes yes yes! bye bye ugly mod_perl
driven config. (Well if we have DBD support at least :p)

> /Nikke
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