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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] release httpd mod_ftp-0.9.3 beta?
Date Sat, 30 May 2009 00:07:27 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. schrieb:
> Zarro sympathy for the pain those distros cause to their users by forking
> around.
You're not thinking about users benefit here. If we can simplify things
for users with only a rename which costs us nothing I see no reason why
not doing so. The reason why distros renamed apxs from AP2 to apxs2 is
very simple: because they provide(d) both Apache13 and Apache2x.
I came self over boxes which had both Apache13 and Apache2x installed
(and there are valid reasons for such, f.e. because Oracle delivers an
AP13 modified beast with closed mods); the 'which' approach then finds
always the AP13 apxs. Anyway cant get why not looking for both
automatically? I used it, and that works fine - first look for apxs2,
and second for apxs, and then apxs2 is used if found.
Sure that its possible to specify the full path at commandline, but tell
me a reason why we should make it harder for users than needed?

just my 2ct.


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