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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: slotmem API notes
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 23:28:52 GMT
jean-frederic clere wrote:

>>   It would be great to pass server_rec* and apr_pool_t* arguments
>> to all the methods (except maybe num_slots() and slot_size()).
>> Some providers may need to report error messages, and to do that
>> they really need a server_rec*.  They may also need to allocate
>> data from a temporary pool.  The most obvious use case is that
>> r->pool would be passed to a method like get() or put().
> I am -1 for passing a server_rec* because I think we should be able to 
> use the provider (via a wrapper) in something else that httpd.

   I think I saw two -1s on this (at least the server_rec* part).
I can live with the provider returning an apr_status_t; that's fine,
but again we have a consistency issue with the socache API, which
does its own logging.  I'd like to see that inconsistency resolved
one way or the other.

   I'm still definitely a +1 on passing a "temp" pool to most of
the methods, and both a "conf" and a "temp" pool to create().
Otherwise it's really painful for providers which just want to
do a little temporary allocation, for whatever reason, to have
to create their own sub-pools way up at config time and then
never clear them out.  Much nicer if, in the typical case,
r->pool can be passed to get(), put(), etc.


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