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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy hooks for clustering and load balancing
Date Wed, 06 May 2009 21:13:28 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:

> Well, that's the question, isn't it? I can't align the idea
> of trunk being a candidate for 2.4 and trunk being a place for
> people to experiment...
> What do we want 2.4 to be and do. And how.
> Once we define (and agree) to that, we know how close (or far)
> trunk is. It sounds like we have some set that wants to break
> trunk apart and totally refactor a lot of it, and that's a big +1.
> It's also not a 3-4 month effort :) It also sounds like there
> are people who want 2.4 to be an upgrade to 2.2 as 2.2 was compared
> to 2.4, and a big +1 to that as well. But BOTH of these are using
> the exact same dev branch, and there's no general agreement on which
> we want... if you get my point ;)

I think the bit that divides these in two is APR v2.0.

People have begun refactoring APR to produce APR v2.0, and alongside
this will be a corresponding refactoring of httpd, that I think should
be httpd v3.0.

I think httpd v2.4 should be what we have now, against the latest APR v1
we have now, which is the APR v1.4 branch.

I think practically we should focus on getting httpd v2.4 out the door,
and make httpd ready for v3.0 to happen, against APR v2.0.


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