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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: mod_memcache: looking for users of this module
Date Sun, 12 Apr 2009 16:58:35 GMT
Xavier Beaudouin wrote:

> My module is a mass virtual hosting system. It take data from ldap /
> database uppon http request and point DocumentRoot in the correct place.
> I need some stuff to cache Host vs DocumentRoot into memory for a small
> amount of time... eg about 10 minutes should be very good to lower
> request from ldap or database...
> AFIK seems that mod_socache is only on apache 2.3 branch ? Is there any
> way to have mod_socache on 2.2 as well ? (and... where can see so
> documentation about that to use it if possible?)

mod_socache is a generalise key/value store interface, take a look in
ap_socache.h for the details.

mod_ldap contains an LDAP cache, largely for storing the results of LDAP
comparisons. If mod_ldap doesn't do the caching you need, you could put
mod_socache in front of it.

Some of the mod_socache modules drop in seamlessly to v2.2, some of them
have some hardcoded dependencies on mpms that need to be removed.


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