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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject mod_fcgid support
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2009 22:32:00 GMT
Hi --

Jeff Trawick wrote:

> Many people use mod_fcgid on Apache 2.0/2.2.  The message should be that 
> mod_fcgid development has moved to the ASF, and existing users are not 
> being left behind in the transition.  So a branch for mod_fcgid 2.x is 
> maintained for httpd 2.0/2.2 users just as our own stable branches are 
> maintained (FAR beyond emergencies, at least for 2.2.x).
> This isn't necessarily in opposition to what you said, but some might 
> read it as something like "Apache took over and they won't distribute 
> fixes that work with my existing configurations except in extreme 
> circumstances."

   I think that's something we want to avoid.  (Sorry for the slow
response; I'd like to say I've been giving this deep thought but
actually I've just been distracted with other work for a bit.)

   It's also worth assuming, I think, that mod_fcgid isn't going
to be back-ported and included in the 2.2.x distribution anytime soon.

   Given that, I suppose we should look at continuing a 2.x branch
for mod_fcgid (with improved autoconf magic, obviously), at least
until a httpd 2.4.x is released with mod_fcgid in it.

   It's slightly inconvenient but I'll willing to start digging into
the autoconf stuff and generally trying to get a branch going
before we add it into httpd trunk.  How do others feel?


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