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From Xavier Beaudouin <>
Subject Re: mod_memcache: looking for users of this module
Date Sun, 12 Apr 2009 15:40:00 GMT

Le 11 avr. 09 à 18:36, William A. Rowe, Jr. a écrit :

> Xavier Beaudouin wrote:
>> I am the developper of mod_vhs and I wish to use mod_memcache as  
>> caching
>> engine for my module.
>> Is there any users of mod_memcache because I really like to see how I
>> can use this code into my module.
>> By the way, I really like to drop my libhome stuff and use mod_dbd...
>> But is there any hook like mod_dbd for LDAP as well ?
> Are you looking for content caching, or are you tracking other  
> details?
> If what you are looking for is caching smaller objects in process,  
> across
> processes or even across machines, take a look at the trunk/  
> implementation
> of mod_socache for your requirements :)

My module is a mass virtual hosting system. It take data from ldap /  
database uppon http request and point DocumentRoot in the correct place.

I need some stuff to cache Host vs DocumentRoot into memory for a  
small amount of time... eg about 10 minutes should be very good to  
lower request from ldap or database...

AFIK seems that mod_socache is only on apache 2.3 branch ? Is there  
any way to have mod_socache on 2.2 as well ? (and... where can see so  
documentation about that to use it if possible?)

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