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From Joe Orton <>
Subject Includes vs IncludesNoExec security issue - help needed
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2009 12:31:58 GMT
A security issue in the handling of the Includes and IncludesNoExec 
directives was reported recently, and I'm after some help.

The security issues are as follows:

a) If "AllowOverride Options=IncludesNoEXEC" is configured in 
   httpd.conf, a user can put "Options Includes" in an .htaccess
   file and SSI will be enabled *with* exec= permitted

b) If "AllowOverride Options=IncludesNoEXEC" is configured in 
   httpd.conf, and "Options IncludesNoExec" is enabled in the same 
   <Directory> context, then merely placing "Options +IncludesNoExec" in
   an .htaccess file also results in SSI enabled with exec= permitted

These are fixable but one question is left on how a particular 
combination of Includes and IncludesNoExec is interpreted:

- if httpd.conf has "Options Includes", and an .htaccess file has
   "Options +IncludesNoExec" - should exec= be permitted in an SSI?

I can argue this either way but am tending towards "no"; I'd very much 
welcome further opinions on this.

I've attached the patch I'm using for testing; results are up here:

vanilla-2.2.x.txt and jorton-v1.txt each have four columns

(1) httpd.conf Options used
(2) httpd.conf AllowOverride used
(3) .htaccess Options used
(4) result of interpreting an SSI with an exec= statement in this 
context; readme.txt describes

vanilla-2.2.x.txt is results with vanilla 2.2.x, jorton-v1.txt is with 
the attached patch applied.

Thanks to Jonathan for reporting the original security issue, and to 
Vincent for his very thorough analysis which found the additional 

Regards, Joe

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