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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject moving towards loadable MPMs
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 11:15:21 GMT
MPMs are tightly bound into the server through several mechanisms:
they define key functions ap_mpm_query and ap_mpm_run
they define global variables like ap_server_conf
build-time symbols in MPMDIR/mpm.h that enable generation of support code or
provide macros for core to use

I'm working on removing these ties.

* key functions are replaced with hooks
* global variables are moved to http_main if necessary or replaced with
ap_mpm_query() calls if possible
* core will provide as much MPM support code as practical (resulting in a
small amount of extra code for users that don't switch MPMs)

stage 1:

reduce the ties but don't change the build process (i.e., leave MPMs as
compiled-in module)

at this stage, WinNT MPM will still provide mpm.h but will indicate which
support code NOT to supply
* only winnt MPM will retain mpm.h, and it will have a bunch of
AP_MPM_NO_foo instead of a small number of AP_MPM_WANT_foo; punt on
mpm_common having a better picture of which functions to generate)

(no plans here to touch WinNT MPMs, and I don't see any compelling reason to
leave it broken; it should build as before once the inevitable minor slips
are corrected)

stage 2:

allow building as shared object

one issue is whether to support the expected --with-mpm=FOO as the way to
select an MPM in the traditional, built-in style

we could have

--with-mpm=FOO still provides built-in MPM;   no --with-mpm=FOO but
--enable-worker=shared --enable-prefork=shared builds the DSOs for switching

or just use normal module enablement but check for multiple
statically-enabled MPMs

(FWIW, MPM hooks run first and declared APR_HOOK_MIDDLE so only one of
multiple loaded MPMs would be used)

Any concerns with the general idea, or comments with either stage?

Any concerns with committing to trunk once stage 1 has been completed for a
few MPMs (and I think there's a reasonable chance of Windows MPM still

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