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From Peter Cawley <>
Subject Patch: mod_lua usage of APR_DECLARE / compiling using MSVC
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 22:32:05 GMT
The APR_DECLARE and AP_LUA_DECLARE both perform useful (and different)
tasks when compiling under win32/MSVC. Attached is a patch which I
think corrects the usage of these macros in mod_lua - it certainly
cuts down on the number of errors spat out by MSVC. Also included is
moving "apr_table_t *rs;" up a line in req_dispatch so that it is
declared at the top of it's enclosing block (MSVC's C compiler doesn't
allow variables to be declared in the middle of a block).

With these changes made, there are just 4 errors remaining when I try
to compile mod_lua using MSVC (those being unresolved external
symbols: _ap_args_to_table, _ap_body_to_table,
__imp__apr_optional_hook_get@4 and __imp__apr_optional_hook_add@20). I
believe that at least the former two are because my win32 copy of
Apache is 2.2.x, and those functions were added in 2.3.x - are there
prebuilt binary versions of 2.3 available?


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