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From "Loyal" <>
Subject some advice re: custom WebDav (mod_dav)
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 01:50:48 GMT
Hi all,

I'm building a Web service that must accept small (1-50k) files pushed to it
via the WebDAV protocol. I would like the Web server's DAV service to
process the files immediately (stuffing the contents into a MySQL table). I
also want to prevent any users from reading any files present (return an
empty directory), while still allowing writing clients to read back what
they wrote for a short time, say, a few minutes from the same IP, so that
their DAV writes don't fail. I would like to check the filenames of the
incoming writes and reject any that don't match an active user's ID (my form
of auth). Otherwise, access to the drop directory would be completely open
(no auth). 

To accomplish all this, I thought I'd create a modified version of mod_dav
for Apache and run this non-standard config on a dedicated box. 

Anybody WebDAV experts out there with an opinion on my thinking here?  Am I
nuts to try this?

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