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From Dan Poirier <>
Subject Re: Ideas for content-aware filter modules for 2.4
Date Fri, 27 Mar 2009 12:14:51 GMT
Nick Kew <> writes:

> We have handling of certain important encodings:
> SSL and compression (albeit not quite bug-free) as
> standard in current versions.  I'd be interested to
> expand that with some new filter modules.
> 1.  Character Encoding.  We have very limited capability
> in mod_charset_lite.  We can expand that to support
> automatic detection of charset, and either setting a request
> field or transforming to a selected charset.
> We can also provide an API for modules to configure this,
> in cases where more than one transformation is wanted.
> A real-life use case for this is where users of libxml2-based
> modules such as mod_proxy_html need to use charsets
> other than utf-8, and particularly charsets that are not
> supported by libxml2.

I'd definitely be in favor of some improvements in this area.

mod_charset_lite can translate between character encodings, but there's
no general way for it to know what encoding the content coming down the
chain is using.

Can automatic detection of charsets be done reliably and with low cost?
I'd have guessed not, but would love to be educated to the contrary.

Alternatively, maybe generators and filters could indicate the encoding
of the content they're inserting.

In any case, count me as an interested party willing to help out with

Dan Poirier <>

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