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From "Partap, Marcel" <>
Subject workaround for HTTP response where headers mix with content?
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 19:47:18 GMT
Dear Apache developers,
we are migrating our internal wiki to an updated RHEL5 machine which has
Apache 2.2.3. installed (with no later versions being available in the
repo).. Now a perl script which is queried via AJAX to return parts of
an expandable menu tree structure breaks in firefox, a bug report with a
similar problem can be found at
The problem is that every second http query results in firefox showing
mixed data and headers, seemingly parts from the former request aswell.
I traced through the script and that is not causing it..
.. However this happens with 200OK status not with 304 or other error
status. Thus the bug also doesn't
quite apply.. That patch also hasn't been committed yet so i guess even
updating the httpd wouldn't quite solve the problem, and company
internal we can't possibly force everyone to update to the latest
firefox builds aswell (then again their patch hasn't been applied
either, and seemingly does only fix another corner case)... so right now
i stand clueless on how to work around the problem.. here's what shows
up in firefox when querying the script for some json data:

        "text": '<a
title="System.LoginName: last update 14 Sep 2006 - 23:48: by
        "text": '<a
title="System.ResetPassword: last update 27 Mar 2005 - 13:14: by

Content-Length: 426
X-Foswikiaction: webtree
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Set-Cookie: FOSWIKISID=8d5abe8af9c11ad2f910112c6b400920; path=/
Set-Cookie: FOSWIKISID=8d5abe8af9c11ad2f910112c6b400920; path=/

The last part (headers) obviously should NOT be there, does anyone have
a clue how to make it go away? Keep Alive is already turned off
completely... kinda lost here, and on the former server with
Apache/2.0.52 doesn't suffer from the problem..?


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