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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: what is in modules vs what is in the core
Date Tue, 31 Mar 2009 07:14:44 GMT
Paul Querna wrote:
> mod_watchdog is the latest offender in a series of modules that expose
> additional functions to the API. (mod_proxy and mod_cache do too!)

So, you came back from different direction, cool :)

If you really like to put the watchdog functionality
inside the mpm (and IMO that's all this about, sorry if I got
the wrong impression) then the mpm api needs to get
extended and implemented by *all* mpm's.

> Are we just getting lazy, or does it not matter to anyone now days?

IIRC you wish to use the watchdog directly from simple mpm,
redesign the watchdog api  so that it can be used from
simple mpm at the first place, and leave to the others to
cope with the rest.

I would personally love to see the watchdog (actually
generic event ap_listener) functionality in the mpm's
core, and my first thing on the todo list is to extend
the mpm with child singleton hook. Just like we have
child_init we would have child_singleton_init hook but run
only for a single child, and run again once for the
next one when the previous dies. That way we would get
rid of all the singleton and startup mutex hacks, to
obtain something that is inherently known by the mpm.
However this needs to be implemented inside each and
every mpm if we wish to have any sort of the api.
Other solutions would be to simply move the
mod_watchdog to server/watchdog.c or that we all
just use the simple mpm :)


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