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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: [summary] accept mod_fcgid codebase into httpd project
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 22:44:24 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> Done.  I set all of Ryan Pan's commits to svn:author=pqf
> (for consistency), loaded the whole thing under httpd/mod_fcgid
> and fixed the eol-style to native.
> Please relicense the directory and files first before making any
> other changes.

   Thanks!  I think the relicensing is all done; anyone who wants
to check for errors will get a thank-you.

> After that, we should remove the generated artifacts
> and consider moving the subdirectory to a module dir under the
> server trunk.

   Which artifacts are you concerned about?  I'm not 100% sure
what you'd like done here.

   I'm +1 on the idea of moving toward inclusion in httpd trunk
as a module, at least as a longer-term goal.  My thoughts were:

- Start by branching httpd/mod_fcgid/branches/2.x/mod_fcgid based on
  the current relicensed code, just in case an "emergency" turns up
  (security bug?) and we'd like to do a release based on the existing
  code; most likely, we won't use this going forward.

- Fix the whitespace; currently if you set your tab stops to 4 chars
  it looks "right" and close to the httpd style, so it's just a
  conversion from tabs to spaces that remains.  I've got a reformatted
  version ready to commit.

- Before we can add to httpd trunk, we need to look at the directive
  names.  There are a large number of config directives with names
  that don't imply FastCGI and in some cases are a little mysterious.
  I don't think we can drop 32 new directives into httpd with generic
  names like "SocketPath" and "PassHeader".

  I have an old patch I can dust off to rename these; we should choose
  a prefix first, though.  "FCGI" or "FastCGI"?  The latter might
  conflict with mod_fastcgi, but then, why would anyone run both at
  the same time?  Still, perhaps "FCGI" is best?

  As for the names themselves, I (natch) have a few suggestions which
  I think clarify the purpose of some of the more obscure ones and
  align them with other httpd modules a bit.  E.g.,
  DefaultMinClassProcessCount might become FCGIKeepServersPerScript
  or just FCGIKeep since it resembles mod_dbd's DBDKeep in its

   I'd like to branch and apply whitespace changes fairly soon;
if folks think that's the wrong approach or if there errors in the
newly-applied license text, please let me know!  Cheers,


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