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From Jens Frey <>
Subject Re: [Problem] Not able to Link APR to my programs
Date Thu, 26 Mar 2009 22:20:40 GMT
> Well thnx guys...
> I tried, as proposed by various users and developers in response to  
> my query, using the -I<path of apr-$installedversion-config>. That  
> too did not work. Finally I managed to serve my purpose using gcc  
> command, executing apr-$installedversion-config file (ie apr-1- 
> config installed in /usr/local/apr/bin in my case). I use this file  
> to print the options required for complition using APR library.
> Lately I realized that, I have mistaken your advice being a novice.
> Here is a snapshot of what I used:
> [root@a104cc-user86 bin]# gcc $(./apr-1-config --includes) $(./apr-1- 
> config --libs) $(./apr-1-config --link-ld) $(./apr-1-config -- 
> cflags) $(./apr-1-config --cppflags)  /cat.c
Maybe that works for you? I could not find the previous post

$> export APR_LIBS="`apr-1-config --cflags --cppflags --includes -- 
ldflags --link-ld --libs`"
$> export APU_LIBS="`apu-1-config --includes --ldflags --link-ld -- 
$> gcc $APR_LIBS $APU_LIBS srcFile.c -o prgName

> You people suggested to add same thing, what i have added to my  
> command (but in a bit different way)...
> Nick Kew wrote an excellent book on Apache 2 modules; the old  
> "Writing Apache Modules in Perl and C" is still somewhat relevant as  
> well.
> I would like to know if some one can help me with material on  
> programming with APR.
Actually i copied the above from one of the writeups i did with APR on  
my blog. It's not much but maybe that helps you get started.

Hope i could help,


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